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Chris Brewin qualifies for the Paris-Brest-Paris

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-05-28 19:43
Contributors: Chris Brewin

Chris rode his last qualifying ride on the weekend, and can now do the P-B-P

To qualify for the Paris-Brest-Paris, you must first ride a number of shorter AUDAX rides, including a 400km and a 600km ride. Chris did his last qualifier, the 600km, on the weekend.

Chris writes :

I got VERY lucky with the weather!
No wind until about the 400Km mark, then a small head wind for a 100Km and then a small tail wind for the last 100.
No rain, nice sunshine, not hot enough to fry you, but warm enough to ride in shorts and shirt.
Of course, the nights around the Sale area are "friken freezing Mr Bigglesworth".It gets icey cold around 1:00 AM in the morning!
Much better than the 300Km I did around Inverloch just before going to Turkey. During that ride we had torrential rain in the pitch black and I got close to nature by colliding with a Wombat at about 27 Km/h. Broke me, my helmet, and my derailleur. Rode the last 90Km on the highest 3 gears I had as shifting into lower gears caused the derailleur to start hitting the spokes. Fortunately, having a triple on the front, it gave me a choice of 9 gears and there were no major hills on the way back.
Didn't break any bones, but got some massive bruises down my back and right hand side. Even now, I'm still suffering a little bit of impact damage, corrigations or potholes cause my hip and shoulder hell.
But, I'm very happy to have finally qualified for PBP!

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