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Fees and charges

by Carl Brewer last modified 2013-03-25 17:46

NOTE: at aboc we have a 100% unconditional guarantee.  If you're not happy with a training program, a training session or similar, then we do not want your money.  We only want satisfied clients.  If we can't get you fully satisfied with our service, you get your money back, no questions asked.

$55 per month for endurance programme development by Nathan, ongoing consultation and access to aboc resources (book library, DVDs etc)
 A minimum of 3 months enrolment is required

$55 per hour for supervised individual or one-off ergo/spinner sessions or accompanied rides - up to 5 riders.
Charge applies for groups, ie: you and up to 4 other enrolled riders get the session for $55 per hour in total.

$66 per hour for motorpace sessions, maximum of 2 riders.
$66 is the total cost for an hour, if there's two riders, that's $33 each

$77 for an endurance rider power profile test
This test takes around two hours on a spin trainer on your bike with a PowerTap power meter

$55 for a peak power test
This test takes around 30 minutes (mainly warmup and cool down) on a spin trainer on your bike with a PowerTap power meter

$5 to attend various Blackburn velodrome training sessions

$15 to attend Tuesday night spin sessions including dinner afterwards
Please let us know in advance if you're coming and have any special dietary needs

$220/month for senior, $155/month for J19 and $110/month for J17 sprint programs by Carl including free entry to the aboc PowerHaus gym and Spin sessions are discounted to $10, including free use of a Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer at Spin.  Race day support by negotiation.
A minimum of three months enrolement is required.

These charges include GST

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