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by Carl Brewer last modified 2012-09-19 19:16

A description of the services aboc Cycle Coaching offers riders

aboc Cycle Coaching offers a number of services to riders who train and work with us. 

We concentrate mainly on monthly training programs and regular comunication between riders and their coach.  We do not limit (within reason!) contact between coaches and riders.  This service is not limited by geopgraphy - we have riders we work with in Western Australia, New South Wales and so on.

Got a question?  Want to make a change?  We want to know and we do not limit this in any way.

We run skills sessions during the daylight savings period on Saturday mornings in Melbourne at the Blackburn Cycing Club velodrome and carpark where we work on racing and bunch riding skills and tactics.   We work on leadouts, racing psychology and tactics, situational awareness and various racing scenarios.

You can see our fees and charges here.

Over the winter, we run a spin/ergo class on Tuesday nights, also at the Blackburn Velodrome (this time, indoors!) where we tailor the sessions to suit the riders present. This isn't just some spin class at a gym, we work out a program for riders that suits where they are in their training and as a result, riders at any stage in their plan can benefit from attending.  The main aim of these sessions is to get riders doing ergo training with company to share the misery!  We provide dinner after these sessions, as they run from 7pm 'til 9pm and we don't want our riders to go hungry. 

Started in 2008 we also run a track training session at DISC on Sunday early evenings (5pm - 7pm) starting in April and running through to the end of October.

We used to run two climbing camps at Mt Hotham every summer, one in November and one in February where we stayed at the Marouka ski lodge on the top of Mt Hotham for two nights (Friday and Saturday)  and we rode on the Saturday and Sunday up and down the mountain.  With a change in focus for Carl to track sprint, this is not running at present.

We also offer occasional private sessions if requested, and motorpacing behind a motorbike for riders preparing for events such as the Melbourne to Warnambool and so on.  We have a semi-regular dinner every six months or so where we get a guest speaker to come and talk to us about something interesting to do with bike riding or racing at a restaurant.

Our emphasis is on appropriate and affordable individual training programs, and building a team spirit and community of riders.

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