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by Carl Brewer last modified 2011-04-05 19:25
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3 weeks in a paragraph

Drove to Sydney- worked at Junior Aussies.  Long drive not good for niggling back injury.

Drove back from Sydney, long drive really not good for more acute back injury.  Back got worse.  Back got worse, sciatica!  Ouch!  Missed round 6 of SSS due to back injury (argh!).  Sitting at computer very bad, no typing!  Seeing another doctor today for second opinions on best treatment.  Been working a bit on The Book while lying on front using drugs that are well and trully on the banned list to manage pain and inflamation.  Also did flatwater kayaking instructor assessment (passed ... before it got bad enough to stop that sort of thing!).  Will blog more once able to sit still-ish - now using swissball as a chair - don't tell Rip! (injoke ... ) but it helps to keep things moving.

Off to get CT scan results etc now ... Hope motorbike is ok to ride in this state!

Spin 1 for 2011 last night - good turnout, thanks to Merv and Bev for their help, thanks to Lucie for cooking the UberBolla.  It was much missed over summer!

WILL get better.

WILL ride <13s at BBN next summer!

WILL get a 2x bodyweight squat!

WILL stop whinging and making excuses!

WILL go now and get stuff done!

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