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Vicki Pendleton on basic sprint tactics

Well worth a watch


NJTS round 1

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We did pretty well!

I haven't had time yet to do a writeup of this.

Here's the squad :

njts r1 bbn 2011-2012




in brief

Is it possible to be too strong?


Is it possible to spend so much time training for strength that it impedes your ability to train on the bike? Ie: can you over-do strength to the detriment of your sprint cycling?


Is the balance a tricky thing to find?




SSS round 1 quick report and NJTS

I'm off to Dunc Gray for a day ...

Quick recap of round 1 of the SSS.  I qualified ok, no PB (13.4) but given the gusty southerly that was ok, and given I was using a new 5 spoke front wheel for the first time at Blackburn, in a gusty wind, and it took me off the line quite a bit around turn 3, I'm not displeased with the time.  I'll go back to my normal front wheel for races ...

Racing - first up Ian McGinley beats me, I rode like a chump and didn't dig hard enough to keep the lane when he passed me, probably should have won it, but mistimed a lay off and run due to some confusion with Ian staying up out of the lane. 

Second time and I'm up against Nic Marc, I got him, too easily, he gave me way too much gap at turn 3 on lap 1 and I escaped.  Learning experience for Nic, who made me look like a goose at DISC a few weeks ago, now we're 1-all!

Third race and I'm up against Tyler Spurrel, who qualified badly but races well and can out-jump me.  Sure enough, he does and he wins, I almost chopped him into the infield when he jumped under me out of T4, Mea Culpa.

By virtue of fastest qualifying time in B grade I'm through to the 3v4 final, against Ian again, this time he leads out and I duck around behind him for half a lap seeing if he has his radar on.  He doesn't seem happy riding while looking behind so I take a chance and go pretty early, get a small gap and gamble on being able to vary my pace and break his timing when he tries to pass.  This works, he tries to pass on T3/T4 but I lift a bit (kept a bit in reserve) and take a win.

So I win my entry fee back!

Standout performances from the J17 lads I've been working with, James Dann (15y/o, on 82") rides a 12.6, Jay Castles is a tiny bit behind him and John Cochrane also right up there despite a bit of a bug.  A mixed day for everyone else, first race back after winter is an interesting one, especially since we've been indoors at DISC all winter and outdoors at Blackburn is different.  A lot of the Sprint Squad guys are peeved with their times, but it's early days yet ...

Tomorrow I fly up to Sydney with the Blackburn under 17's who are racing the first round of the new National Junior Track Series (NJTS).  Three sprinters, Emily, John and James, and three enduros, Chloe, Michael and Pierce.   I'll be back first thing on Saturday morning - hopefully while I'm up there I'll get a chance to catch up with Sean Eadie again, I have much to discuss with him!


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