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Martial arts to help sprint

There's more in common than it may seem at first - have a read.  For us, as sprinters, we're not THAT dissimilar to martial artists.  We have skills that we need to master, moves and countermoves that use those skills, and then "tactics" which is essentially the application of the right moves at the right times.  Very similar to martial arts.  I think we can learn a lot from them.

Another nutritionalist to check out

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We are not alone ...

Well worth a look.  I'm trying to see if getting her to give us a talk is feasible.


Women's keirin!

In Japan!

This is a really good thing!

Thank you Nathan

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Nathan's moving on, thank you

Nathan Larkin worked with aboc for some years as a coach, but has now moved on to studying art at university and hasn't the time to coach any more riders.  I wish Nathan the very best of luck at uni and in the future with his art and photography.  Nathan's a top guy and a good friend and a talented photographer with a great eye for a shot.  He's contributed a lot to aboc and the culture we're doing our best to encourage, with honesty and integrity.  Thank you big guy, everyone I know appreciates your contribution.

So now I need to find a coach to look after enduro riders as I am only doing sprinters.  If you're keen, let me know. If you're doing a level 1 and want mentored hours etc, I am keen to help.


Quitting sugar

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Jayne found a good book

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