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Someone's always trying to sell you something ...

by Carl Brewer last modified 2010-02-10 00:53
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Infomercials suck!

I get the Peaksware email every week or so (I own copies of WKO+, which is the industry standard power analysis software).  Every week, they're trying to sell me something ... this week it's some protecting protein story.   Apparently there's some 'concentrate' that prevents high intensity training from catabolising muscle.  Or something like that anyway ... The email points to a website full of nonsense and inscrutable jargon, and it doesn't actually tell you anything useful, "sign up here for my program" instead.

Uhuh ... 

At least the study being cited is linked to, so you can work it out for yourself ... The study just says, in a nutshell, that high intensity exercise damages muscles.  OH REALLY?!  The tout is then for a program of 'food concentrates'. Here's a tip, they probably mean protein and carbohydrate supplements, whey isolates and glucose, I'd bet.  If it's not like c4p I'll be amazed .... 

Then there's the RBR newsletter, every week or so, full of pointers to ebooks you can buy, and a couple of useless 'tips' as bait while they try and flog more articles to you.  Got to make a buck, I guess ... It just seems really crass and slimy to me.

At aboc, we publish everything and keep no secrets (outside of client confidentiality concerns).  There's no hook to a sale, if you want to know something, ask us and we'll put up an article if we can find the answer.  

For giggles, see if you can make any sense of this :






Posted by gplama at 2010-02-10 01:28
RBR went down the crapper about 12 months ago when they started linking back to their main site for full articles.

Its a rare thing these days to find someone who isn't tied to a vendor, reseller, or similar. Its quite amusing when you know and can pick it in their articles.... and it happens at ALL levels, from joe-blog's blog through to glossy mags....

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