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Mobile 'hands free' driving ... Don't Do It!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-07-29 17:56
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There aughta be a law ....

In today's Age, something many of us already know ...


If you think you can drive safely when chatting on your hands-free mobile phone kit, then think again.

Mounting evidence reveals that hands-free mobile phone calls can significantly diminish your driving skills, in spite of claims to the contrary by equipment manufacturers.

It's not news, but it's a timely reminder.


The Griffith study concluded that “a driver’s sensitivity to prospective information about upcoming events and the associated perception and awareness of what the road environment affords may both significantly be degraded when simultaneously using a hands-free mobile phone”.


And of course, the phone companies and gadget floogers spin away ....


“Hands-free car kits allow the convenient and safe use of your mobile phone so you can maximise down time while driving,” Telstra says on its website.


10 points to Telstra, evil bastards.  Money, must make more money ....

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