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Just about ready to rumble again

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-06-08 04:46

I'm 90% over this 'flu!

After about a week of 'flu and general malaise, I'm just about right.  I had a gentle ride on Saturday and didn't feel awful, which was good, and did some light lifting in the 'haus on Sunday morning which also went well.  Lucie and I spent Sunday afternoon at my Dad's place in Baxter using the flame weeder to kill weeds around his pool and start some burnoff fires.  Very much fun!  Tomorrow morning is supposed to be the second DUCC training session at Blackburn but the BoM says :

Forecast for Tuesday

Cloudy. Isolated showers during the morning, becoming more widespread during the day. The chance of thunderstorms with hail from midday. Possible snow about the nearby hills at night. Winds northwesterly averaging up to 30 km/h increasing to 30 to 40 km/h during the morning then tending west to southwesterly around midday.

City Showers increasing. Windy.
Min 7 Max 12

So we may be washed out ... We'll see.  Tomorrow night's spag boll sauce is all done thanks to Lucie's help in the aboc kitchen, and it's another good one, with a little bit more chilli to warm up the troops.

We've got a committee meeting this Wednesday too, Lucie & I spent some time today running around to find a letterbox, the club has no consistent place to put correspondence and about 6 months ago I promised to sort that out.  It's done now, we have a plastic slot glued to the wall next to the door (on the inside!) that any mail, licence forms etc can go in for Rob to pick up.  Hopefully the glue will last!  Some kind people have put some graffitti on the door and the sponsor sign that we'll sort out tomorrow as well.  I think phenol is a good solvent for the sort of textas and paint pens used by the illiterate scrawlers who seem convinced that we need to know they paid us a visit under cover of darkness.  Very brave ...

So if all goes well, tomorrow I'll lift heavy, after a week of next to no work I'll drop back down to 160kg, but that should quickly increase to 170kg I expect and if time permits I'll throw in some deadlifts as well and will do a sprint session at Spin and do the usual swap with Nath to run the session.

It's good to be on the mend.

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