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by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-03-24 21:36
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I need to ...

This morning's velodrome session got skipped.  A combination of overall fatigue, a bit of a cold, swollen knee and an injured left elbow means I took the lazy option and slept in today.  HTFU!  Yeah ... I'm off to see the quack on Friday to get a niggling elbow injury checked out and also get the knee looked at.  I had a reconstruction 11 or so years ago and it may be that it's starting to deteriorate.

Funny thing, the doc is less than 100m from home, so I just dropped in to make a booking, and my medicare card is two years out of date.   Shows how much I see doctors I guess!

I've got a few backed up training programs to write, so I'd best get a wriggle on, and if I feel ok, will do some weight training with Vanders this evening and maybe jump on the ergo for some HCLR and/or sprints.  Suck it up and see what happens ...  Club championships are this weekend, and I'd like to get a sprint result worth writing about.

I still haven't ordered the extra weights for the Power House, got to find a spare $250 for 80kg of ballast. 

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