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'tis the season!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-11-19 18:23
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For crashes, it seems ...

My housemate and fellow aboc'er, Vanders, writes today :


I'm 100% ok
Unlike my front wheel

So anyway are car pulled out on me as I was going up the 1-in-20, and we

collided at about 20km/h


He just needs a new wheel. Lucky, lucky bastard!


3 days post crash, and my skin is healing fine and I'm very fetching in my mefix and white fishnet bandages, but mum, it still hurts to breathe!  Thankyou to Bev and Vanders for being my gofers while I'm stuck at home.  Last time I damaged ribs was back in my ice hockey days, when I went to check a bloke into the boards at the Oakleigh rink and missed, and that took around 2 weeks before I was comfortable enough to do normal things.  I expect this will be around the same.

Being right handed (mostly) and being unable to twist to the right does make some basic activities rather more difficult than I'd like - let's just say that the application of toilet paper is now a challenge and it's maybe a good thing that codeine is a bit of a constipator.   Enough detail?  Is the "too much information" light in the corner of your eye blinking at you? I thought so ... heh!



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