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Are we all meant to be friends?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-02-19 20:31

Rambings on a ride to a race

I'm riding to Glenvale on Sunday morning, big tailwind down Springvale Rd, doing around 44km/h down the hill towards Wellington Rd.  There's a rider on the left doing maybe 30?  I scoot past, she's wearing a CCCC jersey, must be on her way to Glenvale too ... cool, if she wants, I guess she can suck some wheel.  My speed is considerably greater than hers, so I don't say anything as i go past, not that I necessarily would, I don't recognise her, just some random roady.

So I'm stopped at the lights at Wellington Rd, and she rolls up, and proceeds to ask me just exactly why I didn't say hello to her.  A little taken aback, I pause, and suggest that I was going a lot faster than her and didn't think to say anything.   She looks unimpressed and rides off when the lights change, sure enough, to Glenvale.

What's with that?  Do I somehow owe her something because we're both on bicycles?  Often I'll say hi to someone on the road if I feel like it, but when I'm going somewhere, and there's a big difference in speed, why would I? and what gives her the right to suggest that I should?

What is she crazy

Posted by nick at 2007-02-19 22:34
She has obviously never sat behind Carl Brewer because as well as many other things you are agood draft. Let's face it, you block the wind, if I was her I was would have just sat in for the ride. I say hello to riders all the time and they don't speak to me, so it's a bit strange really

it's not the saying hello that's the issue, it's the expectation

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2007-02-19 23:40
If she'd rolled up and said hello at the lights, that would have been fine, and even if she'd just rolled up and sat there, I probably would have said hello first, but she got narky with me for not talking to her while I was overtaking her on the open road. It's as if she expected me to slow down, ride beside her and start chatting. If she'd been riding at my pace, I might have, but, then I wouldn't have caught her in the first place....

# Sexual Tension#

Posted by nick at 2007-02-20 07:49
Maybe it was sexual tension Carl. You are a poster in your aboc gear!

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