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I get to wear the Big V!

by Dino Apolito last modified 2010-03-14 21:11

So I guess I better do the Aussie Masters as well ...

I didn't win on Saturday but I came close.  Silver in the Masters 4 Sprint at the Victorian Masters Championships and I was beaten for Gold by a Tasmanian so I guess that makes me the best Victorian in that event in that age group. It also entitles me to wear the Victorian skin suit should I choose to enter the Australian Masters in a months time so I guess I better sign up.

Boy it was a long day, coming off an especially long and stressful few weeks. (And this week is going to be VERY stressful and you know why).

It started about a month ago when I picked up a new carbon fibre track frame from Gary Jackson at Riviera Cycles. Carl and Nathan put it together for me, I had a ride on it then proceeded to write it off completely - almost snapping the frame in half. How? Not in some glorious crash on the track going for gold but by driving into the roof of my garage after forgetting it was on my roof racks. Insurance won't pay so that was one expensive mistake. Enough said.

On to the Vics. Last year I couldn't do them because I was in Adelaide with Em so I was a little nervous. Did a PB in qualifying, 12.5 something. It was just a PB but a PB nevertheless. And on a cold morning when many riders were struggling to post good times it was a very pleasing result.

About 10 of us in MMAS4 which meant we had a knockout quarter final as well as the best of three semi finals and finals. I negotiated the quarter final easily the semi final not as easy but never in danger but lost the final 2-0. I raced Roy Martin from Tasmania and he is a sub 12 second rider (although he "only" did 12.2 this time.) He was quicker and smarter than me but I enjoyed the races and learned a lot.

So a silver medal and the best placed Victorian. That's very satisfying. That lets me wear a Victorian skin suit. So I guess we're now a two V family.

The rest of the day ended with a bit of a whimper, not that I really care because I was there for the sprint. Got a close 4th in the Time Trial missing the bronze by three tenths. Made the Kieran final but got nowhere.

So I now look forward to Aussies. But first I have to somehow survive this week. (Go Em)

Watch this space.


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