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Dob in a driver

I guess they call it the "silly season" for a reason.

Is is just me or is anyone else appalled by the attitude of an increasing number of Melbourne's motorists?

In particular I am noticing more and more people yacking on their phones in complete contempt of the road rules. It pisses me off big time. There should be a system where you can dob them in. Such a system is in place for littering so why not for talking on your phone? In fact it would be easier to prove as phone records could be accessed.

Anyway that's my gripe for the night. It's raining outside so no racing. Too much work and not enough bike makes Dino a grumpy boy.



In the end it all came down to a fraction of a second. Not once but a couple of times

It was quite simple really. I looked over my right shoulder. Rob dives down below my left.

I was half asleep. I knew it was going to happen and yet it still took me a second to react. By the time I do, Rob is a good 20 metres up the track and I know I'm in trouble. It's still 500 metres to the finish and Rob has gapped me and he has 4 inches more gearing than me. I know he's strong with better endurance than I and with a bigger gear how the hell am I going to catch him let alone get around him.

So I put the head down and spin like crazy to get his wheel. It takes at least half a lap for me to reach him and I'm exhausted. Coming around the bend for the last time I hesitate again for a fraction of a second, not sure when to pull out and try to come around. By the time I commit I'm too late. I hadn't given myself enough time to get over the top and the line is too close. I'm faster over the finish line but can't make up the last couple fo centimetres.

And there it is. I won all the heats only to lose the final. I was completely outsmarted by an opponent who had a definite plan and then the mind and ability to put it in place.

Well done Rob! It was a brilliant race. I wish you weren't my friend so I could curse you and stick pins in a voodoo doll. You deserve the win and we both learned heaps. And despite the heat, the wind and the fatigue it was lot of fun.

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