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Just do it

No, not a plug for a multinational sportswear company

Nike were right on the ball with that slogan. If you've ever even half thought about doing something for yourself, don't hesitate, just do it.

Last November Carl suggested I give track racing a go. I laughed at the suggestion then thought better of it, had a few training sessions on a track bike and did my first race just before Christmas. I won that first race and have never looked back - loving every bit of it. As Carl had suggested "You've got nothing to lose, just do it and have fun"

A month ago I again had misgivings about racing my first track open at Leongatha. Again Carl put it simply "Just do it - the worse thing that can happen is you'll come last" I did do it and I did come last in one of the races but I had a ball and have never gone quicker on a bike.

At the moment I'm painfully watching my father slide toward the inevitable end. Diabetes and blocked veins are catching up with him. There is so much he wanted to do with his life that will go undone. We wanted to drive around Australia, hike up Mt. Kozzy and even just spend an entire day walking along the beach. But something always got in the way and these things will go undone.

So whether you're thinking of trying track racing the first time, racing the Warny, climbing a mountain orĀ  just taking a long walk on the beach, just do it before it's too late.

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