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It's a small world

Had coffee and muffins with cyclists in Georgia

Finally arrived in Savannah, Georgia last night at around midnight. Took me 30 hours to get here, 5 airports, 4 flights minimum sleep.So what do I do first thing this morning? Get up early for a walk and in search of good coffee. <br> Savannah is a beautiful place and I soon found a great cafe. I knew it was good because there was a group of cyclists sitting outside having coffee and muffins while ther road porn was leaning against trees and poles. 6 Treks, a Cannondale and a Bianchi. Got talking with them and even directed them to the aboc website. The exciting thing is one of them works at a bike shop so I might have to do some shopping. Unfortunatley there's no spare 54cm bikes to be had otherwise I'd join them for a ride tomorrow. Just as well as I really should be working. Hope all is well with aboc'ers downunder. Please keep in touch....I miss my cycling. (Oh yeah, I miss my wife and daughter too)

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