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Trying to make sense of my heart rate

by Dino Apolito last modified 2007-10-22 01:18

My heart rate monitor nearly gave me a heart attack

I just downloaded my HRM file from the weekend's racing and riding and according to my Polar 725x my heart rate peaked during one of Saturday's races at 197bpm! Up until then I had considered my maximum heart rate to be 191 although I didn't see it often. And according to the ballpark formula of 220-your_age my maximum should be 177bpm. So I have some questions...

  1. Am I about to die?
  2. Am I a freak?
  3. Am I super fit for a 43 year old?
  4. Are heart rate monitors a complete waste of time and money?
  5. Does anyone really care what time it is?

I suspect the answer to all the above is a loud "NO" but I'm wondering if anyone has a heart that makes sense?

Dino (I told you I was sick but no...) Apolito

a freak?

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2007-10-22 07:49
Yes, you're a freak!
But the 220-age formula is merely an average, and you're above average. Does it mean anything? Not really - it's only a relative gauge for your intensity and not to be used to compare to other people.
It's almost 10pm, I think ...

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