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Sprint Series


Goals and Progress

Where am I at?

After state masters in February i had a few weeks and with the help of Dino and Carl, I sat down and wrote out my goals for the coming 12 months. My season pretty much revolves around the ABOC SSS and Metro and State Champs (I didn't ride Metro's last year but will this year).

My results last year were as follows:

Max power:  1681W (only the 3rd time over 1600W)

F200:           12.119 (set at state champs)

Kilo:             1:16.762

So my goals for this season based off last year were to hit 1800W peak power, ride and 11.5 F200 and a sub 1:10 kilo. So how am i doing?

I just got back from a week overseas however prior to leaving I'd just come off two weeks of power PB's culminating in a peak of 1743W and my 5s power is now over 1600W.

Now i just need some racing Carl!


Who knew training would work...

Getting some pleasing results again

Three weeks ago I raced round 4 of the sprint series. I had hurt my back a few weeks before doing some gate starts at Blackburn and had essentially been off the bike for the whole three weeks before round 4, and predictably, I got smashed. F200 of 14.3 odd (slowest in B Grade) and lost all three races. The good news was that I pulled up fine and was able to train.

So three weeks of ergo's doing efforts on my 'power gear' and a final session at disk where Neil and I chased the motorbike for a full wind up and a flying kilo (Neil) or 500 (Me) had me feeling good for Round 5. I've also been restricted to an 82 inch gear but for round 5 Dr Carl Brewer allowed me an upgrade to an 86.

I tried a slightly longer wind up in my 200 and ended up with a 13.6 and the second fastest in B grade, a new PB and faster (by half a second) than I went in round 1 back in October on a 92 inch gear.

I raced well and just couldn't get past Carl in the final, just ran out of horsepower in the end, but look out for round 6 in a month. I've pulled up pain free so I can keep working hard and look to get one back against the supercoach in Round 6. 

Yes guys, training really does work.

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