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Fathers Day DISC Session

by nathanlarkin — last modified 2009-08-25 23:12
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Please read!!!!!

Hey there aboc'ers.

Could you please let either myself or Carl know if you will be or won't be attending the DISC training Session on Sunday 9th September. I know this is Fathers Day and would like to guage the number of riders that will attend to see if it is worth running.


Nathan Larkin

Wrong Date

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2009-08-26 00:29
You mean the 6th of September?

6th September

Posted by nathanlarkin at 2009-08-26 05:30
I forgot that the dates go Maerican way not the true Aussie way.... But yes the 6th of September. If there is only goooing to be three or four, i will cancell as that is no where near enough to run the session. We need 8 riders to make it woth while...

I think it'll be a non-event

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2009-08-30 01:25
I think this session won't happen - too many of us will be away!

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