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Two amazing things about Hilton

by Carl Brewer last modified 2013-10-26 23:24
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I work part time for Hilton Clarke.  Hilts is now 68 years old.  Most people, by the time they get to that age, are well and trully stuck in their ways of doing things.

Not Hilts.

Over the 5 years it's been now that I've been working for and with him, we've made some big changes to the Victorian sprint program.  Hilts keeps innovating and trying new things.  I hope that if I'm still doing this at his age, that I keep the open mind and ability to adapt and change that he has.  Further, I hope I keep the passion and generosity that Hilts has.  He's still driven to excell and has a burning desire to improve and his generosity is without peer.

If I'm still doing this in 36 years(!) I hope I have the same.


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