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Some possible changes to how we run Sunday at DISC

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-07-22 21:23

I'm calling for feedback and suggestions for improvements

One of the guys writes :


Further to our Nando's chat...

Warmup/Scratch race. (WU/SCR)

1. At 4.55pm we announce that the WU/SCR shall commence in 5 minutes and all riders wishing to participate to meet on the fence in 5 minutes.

2. The length shall be 20 laps. The first 15 laps are under control - no attacks or surges. This means the people who just want to use it as a warmup will not be disadvantaged.

3. Everyone to be encouraged to use no more than 86" for the WU/SCR to even the field up. In fact you could almost set gearing according to strength in order to handicap the stronger riders. Like we used to do at Saturday Morning Race Skills.

Race Skills and Tactics

At the moment the emphasis of our DISC sessions is on fitness, strength etc. And rightly so at this stage of the year. I wonder if as we get closer to the race season we can introduce some race tactics drills. For example...

1. Keeping someone on your hip. S. Vaughan did this one with us last year when he took one of the sessions in your absence. It was a good one

2. Accelerating into the gap. This is a killer. I did it to John Lewis in the Kieran. Most people try to overtake the rider in front from right on their wheel.

3. Using the sprinters lane. When to hug the black line. When to come up to the red. (See point 1)

4. Gate starts. I've only done two in my life and the ITT is a target event. Craig's in a similar position

5. Kieran tactics. What to do when you have the motorbike. And when you are further back.
These are some things that have been thrown out for discussion.  We can always do better and improve our sessions.  YOUR feedback is wanted


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