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Hotham from a car

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-11-30 19:41

The Hotham camp was small, but good

As mentioned, I didn't ride Hotham this time, I did take a bike and did some sprint work on Sunday and rode (groveled!) to Dinner Plain and back on Sunday after the sprints (mistake!).

But the trip was good.  We had hail, warm weather in the Ovens valley, some great performances by everyone that came along and no-one went hungry. Photos are here.

Over the w'end some other aboc'ers were racing the Metro championships.  I've posted a news article about it, but it bears repeating here too, as I'm very proud of the team.  Dino got a bronze in the MMAS4 sprint, Mick Thomas had a cold but still managed a bronze in the MMAS4 pursuit and a silver in the MMAS4 scratch race, Emily swept the track to win gold in the JW15 500m ITT and qualified fastest by more than half a second in the JW15 sprint.  She got eliminated in the rounds though, but she'll learn from that and the experience she'll gain for later in her career will be invaluable.  The Dundas girls did well, Krissy and Jodie both went home with bronze medals (Krissy in the JW17 sprint and Jodie in the JW17 pursuit) and Mick Thomas's kids, Will and Bridget both had good days out, with Will setting a PB and Bridge getting a bronze in the JW15 scratch race.  Simon Quick from Quickcycle coaches Will and Bridge and he's got them going pretty quick.

Round 3 of the BSSS is this Sunday.  In A grade, watch out for Dino!


I have to get there first!

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2008-11-30 19:21
Can I still qualify in A grade? That's the question. Some gun riders are coming like Gary Jackson. Add him to Barry Woods, Turbo Mckenzie and the others and I may get squeezed out.

But If I am, watch out. I have one of those gun riders in my sights.

BTW. The way a certain "Carl Brewer's" times have been coming down I wouldn't be surprised if he cracks A grade himself! Hmmm... I have his disk wheel in my garage. I hope he doesn't want it back!

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