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A couple of lazy(ish) days

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-10-08 07:42

I had two days off!

Off training, that is....

On Monday I was trashed from racing on Sunday. Non-sprinters might scoff, but 4 maximum efforts are hard to recover from and my legs were jelly on Monday! The rest of me didn't feel too crash-hot either.  So Monday, recovery day.  Tuesday, I was going to do a light weights session, but got swamped with work and also trying to get as many of the videos from Sunday online, I'm about half way there now - video editing, even in my very very crude and quick and dirty way is time consuming, and I'm certainly not very good at it!  Thus, it's been a slow process.

Today I rode to work and back (wooo ... 2km each way to Cycle Science from home!) but also got a swim in after dinner for a bit of high intensity aerobic work.  Tomorrow Dino and I hit the concrete again at Blackburn for sprint work, then I do a squats session in the afternoon, and a power (olympic lifting) session at night in at the Mermet.  For the next one and a half weeks the focus is strength, then a week of power, then a week of speed-endurance, then it's round 2! Rinse, lather, repeat ... Round 3 ...


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