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Carrots and peas

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-06-29 00:24


I got my strength work done this morning and was happy with it and looking forward to going up a gear tonight at DISC.   Then, time to do some coaching. Just after I had my human guineapigs in the Power House doing squats, dumbell presses and lunges (and they did evry well, both are rapidly improving their technique), I had to go and feed my real guineapigs.  I have two runs, one out the front and one around the back.  I had a big bowl of chopped carrots for them.  I usually feed the front ones first.

I stepped off the edge of the porch and rolled my right ankle, quite hard on what was maybe a loose brick.  I thought I'd broken it at first. I called Lucie and she came out and helped me up and upstairs, and we've compressed & iced (peas!) it, but it's quite painful on one side, I might have torn something, if it's not healing in a few days I'll have to go see a doctor.  No cycle training for me tonight at DISC. I'll have to hobble around on crutches shouting at people.  I can do that.  Enforced rest, not what I wanted right now, but C'est la Vie.

I'm going to have to do something about the front run, I might have room to put them all in the back run, which is very big and has easy access, with no big stepdowns onto uncertain ground.  This is the second time I've fallen off the edge, last time I got a scare, this time, an injury.

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