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by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-06-09 10:20

More whinging!

To put it in perspective this is no big deal :

On Sunday morning my achillies was feeling ok, so I chanced it in the power house.  Did deep squats ok, then lined up the heavy stuff for some 1/4 squats.  Not such a good idea ... felt the twinge on the 2nd rep, and that's it for squats for the day.  I did finish the session with some lunges and bench, but was Mr limpalong at DISC on Sunday evening.  Hoping it'll be ok to use tomorrow if I keep the weight low. Today I've been hobbling around.

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised at the success that the Hawthorn Sunday Roast session is having.  I caught the last hour of their races and they had a very healthy turnout of riders and it seemed like a pretty good race.  The Llama was shattered before he did our session, but still managed to burn some more matches when we took over the track. It was great to see Mason, Mick and Will come along, Mason to see what it was all about, and Mick and Will had some fun and did some laps.  Nath's getting a lot of fun out of his new Hillbrick, he's thrilled with how stiff it is.

On Saturday we trooped off to watch the Olympic weightlifting trials for selection for Beijing, it was pretty exciting at times and the crowd really got involved when the lifters were doing big efforts.  I took the camera but it was very gloomy in the stadium and even at 3200 ASA my camera wasn't letting in enough light to get any reasonable shots.  I do have media passes sorted for this Thursday's 'Revolution 3' though, and it should be better lit.  My lenses are cheapies and they chew a lot of light.

Hopefully tomorrow someone from Trek will (finally!) get back to me on the sponsorship for the Summer Sprint Series.  I've been nagging them to make up their minds for a month now.  We need to get it squared away so I can start to promote the series properly.

Some personal stuff's been keeping me occupied and unable to commit to meetings with riders over the last week, but we're hoping that things will settle down in a few days and life will return to some semblance of normality.

We're hoping also to get some carpooling happening for more races etc, Blackburn's running a multi-day tour at Eildon in early July and it makes sense to share cars and fuel costs etc.  Let me know if you're interested.  We should really have a carpool section of the website to make it easy to arrange.

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