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What you can do with Plone, and the BBN AGM tonight

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-05-08 21:23

An example of a very nice Plone site, and don't forget the BBN AGM!

Some readers of this online diary of mine may know of our efforts to revamp the Blackburn Cycling Club's website.

Have a look at this for a superb Plone site : Team Priority Net (Richard England from Blackburn is in this team fort 2007). I think that's an excellent example of what can be done with Plone.  The aboc site is a pretty basic implementation, but that one's very well sorted.

In other news ... The Blackburn AGM is tonight (Wednesday the 9th of May) at the Blackburn clubrooms at 7:30 pm and I urge any Blackburn members to attend.  I'm sponsoring it with food - if you show up you'll get free grub!  Hopefully this AGM will see a few changes in the club that I think it needs, and it's an opportunity for you all to voice your opinions and thoughts re the direction the club is taking and to suggest improvements (and maybe even make some contributions!). 

I hope to see as many of you all there as can make it.



Thankyou for coming

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2007-05-09 20:42
Thankyou to Bev Vennix, Rob Monteith, Nathan Larkin, Nick Bird, Wayne Evans and Lissy Bean for attending the AGM. Nathan has volunteered for the role of newsletter publisher, Nick is working with Tabatha Cole on PR for the club, Lissy is filling the newly created role of "volunteer recognition officer" and Wayne Evans is the Club Captain for 2007. I'm sure you'll all have a very positive input to the club and improve the experience that club members have from being part of it.

I think in general the AGM was a success, no-one got food poisoning and the club is going to support a number of things we suggested, including the summer sprint series and more introductions for new members. I'm particularly happy with the club's reception to my request for Lissy's role, I think the club formally putting time and people into recognising the efforts of its volunteers is something that will make a real difference to how the club runs events and looks after its members.

It's All GOOD!

Posted by nick at 2007-05-10 06:05
Yeah agreed Carl, and you cooking for all of us (or heating) was very thoughtful and generous.

I am particularly excited about Wayne being club captain. I have only met the guy twice, but I immediately can tell he is going to do that job justice. Essentially aboc has been my club captain for the last 12 months and I like the idea of more senior better riders supporting the newbies and general members; I guess this is an aboc thing, but not al our members are in aboc. So what are our riders doing, they are bombarding Nicho who essentially must be just so overworked running the club. So having more people around him will just give us that boost, don't you think?

I am also excited about Nathan doing a Club Communication Newsletter. I think that is just fantastic and many of our members will benefit from knowing what is going on. Not all of our members have internet or log on all the time, so we do need to look at all avenues of communication. Tab has the plan, we just need people to action it. Nathan I have mac software which may be useful but I am presuming that you are limited by PC so that will of course make your job harder. Finding content may be hard, give us a buzz anytime if you need anything. Row Geddes is also a great communicator. I also have a professional writing degree and a member of the writer's guild, two writing credits, a screenplay and three doco scripts that I have written, so I am quite happy to give you communications advice if you need it. I am pretty well committed with work/training and PR with T but may have some stuff for you. I can keep you abreast of the membership pack, which has been well into production for the last three weeks.
I thik acknowledging the volunteers is a great idea Lissy appears social, which I think will help especially some of the new volunteers but you obviously have more

Cheers and thanks aboc guy for the food!
I think there may be rumours of poisoning the whippets as they aren't used to your sprinter food.
I like your new name aboc guy!

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